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Find the Right Fit for your Company

Connecting employers directly to universities and giving them access to a global talent pool of verified candidates combined with a sophisticated system to enable them to find the right fit

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Create modern job ads

Connect with universities and specialist colleges

Get access to the universities and colleges listed on the platform by sending them a request to connect.
Get qualified and verified candidates from the universities with academic performance records
Get access to best global universities

Invite or AI match with candidates

Use AI to match openings with candidates based on their skills and interests
Get access to a global talent pool from verified and reputed universities
Invite global talent to apply for relevant openings
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Create assessments for candidates

Receive more great applications

Use job ads and AI match to refine the applications and get top talent
Connect with reputed universities to promote opportunities to their top candidates
Use screening methods and assessments to narrow down your search using minimal resources

Manage end to end recruitment flow

From promoting opportunities to receiving applications, manage the end to end recruitment process online
Set up online assessments and use the power of AI to find the best fit for your opportunity
From job ads and assessments to offer letters, digitize your recruitments
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Connecting employers directly to universities and giving them access to a global talent pool of verified candidates combined with a sophisticated system to enable them to find the right fit

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Got questions? Check-out our SaaS-tastic answers!
For universities, the pricing is based on the number of student licenses you purchase. When you sign up for the free trial, universities receive 10 complimentary licenses. After the trial, additional licenses can be purchased at $5 per student, with a minimum requirement of 50 licenses.
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to purchase additional licenses in batches of 25.
Yes, the licenses expire 6 months post purchase or once the candidate has completed 20 job applications, whichever comes first.
No, the license is unique to each student and cannot be transferred.
The student licenses are valid for 6 months after the initial purchase. If needed, you can re-activate them after expiry by making the required payment.
Employers can post 5 jobs for free, with a validity of 6 months and access to details of the first 10 applicants. The premium plan offers access to information on all applicants and is priced per job post.
Certainly! For Educational Institutions, you automatically get 7 days of free access upon creating an account. During this period, educational institutions have full system access and receive 10 complimentary licenses. For Companies, you can upload up to 5 free jobs and view up to 10 applicants per job post.
All payments are made by credit card, through our secure payment processor, Stripe. All statements are available within your account.
Educational institutions can purchase student licenses as a one time payment. This is paid as a product access instead of a monthly or yearly subscription. When Student license is activated, the license will be active for 6 months and can be renewed for additional 6 months.
Hiree365 offers in-app support, a knowledge base, and, if needed, your queries can be escalated to phone calls or video calls. Enterprise customers benefit from dedicated support.
Yes, Hiree365 offers a 15% discount for eligible non-profits. If you are part of a non-profit and want to determine eligibility and apply for the discount, please contact our sales support.
Hiree365's Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is designed with a high degree of security in mind, employing cutting-edge encryption techniques and robust security protocols to ensure the protection of all user data. To ensure the platform's security measures are always at the forefront of technological advancements, regular security audits are conducted. These audits scrutinize every aspect of the system's security, identifying any potential vulnerabilities and implementing solutions to strengthen these areas. In addition to these audits, the platform is regularly updated to incorporate the latest security measures and defenses. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Hiree365's platform remains a safe and secure environment for all users at all times.